An awesome navigation app for independent travellers.

Pokeguide provides smart tips for riding subway. Besides that, the AR camera will show directions to your destination in the most STRAIGHTFORWARD manner ever.

New Way to Navigate

We simplify and ease journeys for travellers and passengers.

Free from hassles of getting lost

Directs you to your destination worldwide through our intelligent AR camera.

Intelligent AR camera

Reliable and timely subway details

You can simply key in a building name / address, and we will optimise travel route from the subway station to your destination.

Tackling Subway Woes Globally

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As an all-in-one destination guide serving Hong Kong people to ultimate efficiency, POKEGUIDE app tells users which train door to stand close to in order to get the shortest distance between the train and the exit of their choice.
Pokeguide tells you where to board the train so that you are close to the escalator nearest the exit you want. Not only does it save you time when you are in a hurry, it also helps you to avoid the chaos during busy office hours.
The Pokeguide app tells you what MTR exit is closest to your final destination and it tells you which car to get into to get to the exit fastest. It also shows you some cafes and restaurants near your destination. Perfect for people who love efficiency!
Popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan for offering superb subway travel details to help users save travel time, has launched the San Francisco version, helping passengers find the fastest way around town via BART.
Pokeguide aims to disrupt the way pedestrians navigate with augmented reality. The mobile app improves the efficiency of passengers riding on mass rapid railways, allowing passengers to tell which carriage and door is nearest to the escalator and lift.
Great app and very useful! Very handy when I go to a new place. Easier than reading maps

by lamsansan
it saves me from getting late today. thank you Pokeguide!

by Sunny Yuen
Knowing where the nearest exits are could save up to 5-10mins every trip

by Kenny Wong
Awesome app! Best for going around saving time !!

by Tom Wong
(Well done) The best thing is this app can use even without the internet connection.

by Yiu Ming Lee
(awesome app) so much fun, and the restaurant or shops recommendation is so nicely presented.

by Yiu Man Tse
(Amazing) The best app of its type. A must for every Hongkonger!

by Wing Fung Jimmy Chak
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